Benefits of an Aftercare Program

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Benefits of an aftercare program

Aftercare programs are programs that a person follows after they leave treatment for substance abuse issues.  These programs can include counseling, 12-step programs, group therapy, and programs providing education on coping skills and strategies.  Aftercare programs can last for months, years, or be ongoing.  Attendance should start out on a regular basis and can later be attended on a more as needed basis.  Committing to an aftercare program has many benefits:

Reduces the likelihood of relapse

Committing to, and following through with, an aftercare program has been shown to greatly reduce the chances of a relapse occurring.  Through the aftercare programs, you will learn to improve your coping skills and will have a support group to help you through difficult times.  Having someone to lean on that understands what you are going through will help make the tough times easier.

Aftercare can help you learn to manage your emotions

Being able to manage and control your emotions is vital to successful recovery.  By learning how to manage your emotions you will be able to work through negative emotions in healthy ways rather than turning to drugs or alcohol.  The emotional coping skills you will learn through an aftercare program will help to improve every aspect of your life.  Helping to achieve total wellness.

Help improve your self-esteem

Low self-esteem can lead to isolation that can trigger a relapse.  By surrounding yourself with people in similar situations as you, you’ll start to be able to forgive yourself.  By gaining acceptance of, and learning to love, oneself the likelihood of relapse drastically decreases.  

Help to find a sense of purpose

Because many aftercare programs are group based, you will start to feel like not only do you belong but you matter.  By sharing your stories and struggles you will be helping the other people in your group.  That sense of purpose can keep you motivated to continue attending.

Build a sense of community

Surrounding yourself with people who share in your struggles can create a special bond.  As those bonds grow you will gain a sense of belonging.  When you feel like you belong and you know others are counting on you, you may be likely to relapse because you have a community holding each other accountable.  This is a similar effect to the studies that show you are more likely to commit to a workout plan if you have a partner that relies on you.

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