Can I Ever Stop Relapsing?

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Can I Ever Stop Relapsing?

Anyone who has an addiction must understand the truth that relapse is a possibility. For certain people with an addiction, they continuously relapse because they have not figured out their solution to stay sober. Trying to white knuckle sobriety with mere willpower does not have a high rate of sustainability for most people who are suffering with an addiction. The truth is that most need help with the cessation of drugs and alcohol.

You have to be ready.

In order for recovery to work, you have to be willing to go to any lengths to stay sober. That means that you have to get sober solely for yourself instead of anyone else.  Deciding that you are powerless over drugs and alcohol either from your own submission or due to other dire circumstances such as legal, medical, mental, or relational issues, can give you the push you need to decide to finally get sober.

You should get treatment.

Once the decision has been made to work a recovery program, you must take action for that to happen. Your obsession and allergy to alcohol or drugs will keep you from comprehending that you most likely will not get sober alone. You may think that you are not bad enough to go to a rehabilitation facility, but if you are unable to stop on your own, blacking out, passing out, or acting out, you will need some guidance to stop for the long haul. Going to rehab, whether you are receiving inpatient or outpatient treatment, can help you to safely detox and give you the tools you need to stay sober.  

You need a relapse prevention plan.

If you keep relapsing, you haven’t truly planned for what you will do when you find yourself in that precarious situation of continuing to drink and use and decide to do something different. Therapy, attending a 12-Step program, and meditation is just a few of the tools that can create the solution you need to stop.

Relapse is a part of recovery, unfortunately, although it does not have to be for you any longer. Even though you feel like you do not have the choice to stop, you do have the choice to seek the help you desperately need so that you can get well. If you stop today, you never have to feel the awful shame and guilt you are probably feeling in this moment ever again.

Kimberly Center, we offer a variety of recovery programs that are designed to help our clients with their substance abuse. We treat our clients on an individual basis to help them transition into a new life of sobriety.

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