What Does Dating Someone in Recovery Say About You?

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February 21, 2019
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What Does Dating Someone in Recovery Say About You?

As a society we typically care about what others think about our choices, especially when it comes to the person we are in a relationship with. Looking good on the outside is important for our own personal acceptance and for the acceptance of others.

What would someone think if they found that they person you were dating was in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction? The stigma that surrounds addiction can put someone in a negative light when they should really be viewed as an inspiration of strength. Getting sober and working a recovery program is a gallant act that should not be taken lightly.

People in recovery are good examples.

Being able to obstruct the incurable disease of addiction is a difficult and tedious process and most people have a hard time staying sober long-term. Those who work hard to change their addictive behaviors organically through step work and therapy can be a good example for anyone who is trying to reach a goal.

People in recovery practice principles.

Without the help of spiritual tools such as honesty, integrity, and brotherly love, a person in recovery would not have the moral compass to recognize what they were doing under the influence was not becoming behaviors. Practicing the principles in all their affairs allows them to gain the insight as to what is right and what is wrong.

People in recovery are courageous.

The process of recovery is based off cleaning out their insides which takes sorting out the deep dark past and working through the shame and guilt that the past created. In order to resolve all the pain of the past, a person in recovery must dig deep and get honest with themselves and with another person. Opening up in this way takes a tenacious and persistent individual who is willing to go to any lengths to make a difference.  

People in recovery are grateful.

Coming from the place of addiction into recovery yields gratitude. This does not mean that they are grateful for their material possessions, but they are grateful for their new outlook on life which allows for constructive and unselfish behaviors to become their normal everyday conduct. With this perspective, people in recovery will put their hands out to others in need to give back what was so freely give to them.

You should be proud of your choice if the person you are dating is treating you well and your relationship is healthy because those are the real things that matter. Them being active in their recovery is just an added bonus because the way they hold themselves in light of their sobriety is something most people desire to have in themselves and in their partner.

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