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Drinking alcohol doesn’t make you an alcoholic. Drinking alcohol at a sporting event or a celebration is not a sign of addiction. In fact, some medical professionals believe that there may be some health benefits to having an occasional alcoholic beverage. Once alcohol consumption turns into binge drinking, daily drinking, or causes consequences, you may have an alcohol dependency.

Research estimates that about 23% of men report binge drinking within the last 30 days. Binge drinking is defined as drinking large amounts of alcohol within a short period of time. Men are twice as likely to binge drink when compared to women. Binge drinking does mean that you meet the diagnostic criteria for alcohol dependence, but binge drinking is detrimental for your health.

Alcohol impairs judgement and decision making. If you have underlying mental health concerns, like depression, alcohol intoxication can increase the risk of harmful behavior, such as self-harm. Impaired judgement from alcohol is a risk factor for drinking and driving and alcohol related accidents.

While women are more at risk for alcohol related health consequences, men are more prone to developing alcohol dependency. In fact, alcohol dependence is twice as likely in males. Men are also more prone to make poor decisions when drinking such as committing assaults, driving under the influence, and physical aggression. This does not mean that alcohol doesn’t affect women, but some men are more likely to become aggressive while under the influence of alcohol.

Alcohol is processed through the liver, and also has negative consequences on the brain and heart. Although women tend to have alcohol related illnesses faster than males, men are more likely to become chronic, long-term drinkers. Alcohol affects the body’s ability to bounce back and recover. For men, heavy alcohol use can affect muscle mass and is a cause for weight gain.

Alcohol also impairs the male reproductive system. Alcohol abuse can weaken the male libido and make achieving an erection difficult. Alcohol is known to lower testosterone levels in men which could cause issues with reproduction.

Alcohol, while an enjoyable pastime for many, is a toxin. Alcohol damages the liver, heart, and other organs. Alcohol can cause damage to the reproductive system and the male libido. Alcohol is often a predicting factor for car accidents, domestic violence, assaults, and many other consequences. If your alcohol consumption has created any of these problems, please get involved in alcohol treatment.  Even if you do not consume alcohol on a daily basis, over consumption of alcohol can cause irreversible damage and social consequences.

If you are worried that alcohol is ruining your chances of health, family, and happiness, call the Kimber Center at 855-4-KCENTER. We are committed to putting you and your recovery first. At the Kimberly Center, our clients are in trusted hands and we care about your health.

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