How to Handle a Bad Day in Recovery

Life does Get Better
Life does Get Better
September 4, 2018
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September 6, 2018
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How to Handle a Bad Day in Recovery

Eternal happiness in recovery would be a joy to promise. However, even those without past addictions still have bad days. In recovery, it’s important to know how to handle and cope with bad days without returning to active addiction. You can’t use when you have a bad day. This isn’t what recovery is about. The sober life is being able to handle the ups and downs of life remain sober.

The first thing to remember is that you will have bad days. Going into recovery thinking that all of your problems are forever solved would be unfair to yourself. As you are walking the journey of recovery, first remember that sobriety doesn’t make you exempt from the valleys of life that happen to all humans.

Next, you need to make a plan to handle bad or negative experiences. Remember, recovery is truly a gift and every sober day is priceless. Unfortunately, divorce, death, disappointment, financial difficulties, job loss, and other negative occurrences can happen to anyone.

There isn’t always a quick solution to your problem. There will be times that bad days turn into difficult weeks, but there is always hope. Life will get better as long as you stay sober. Here are some tips to make it through tough times in recovery:

  • Do not use- using will not make things better
  • Table your feelings for tomorrow
  • Go out of your way to take care of yourself
  • Take a warm bath
  • Read a calming book
  • Go on a sober adventure
  • Treat yourself
  • Exert some energy by either exercising, skydiving, or something in between
  • Eat a comfort meal     
  • Call your support team    
  • Give yourself a break

Recovery isn’t about plastering a fake smile on your face every day. You are entitled to feel however you feel. The journey of life and recovery is not about being fake, but rather acceptance for where you are at in the moment.

Remember, the feelings will subside. The good days will return, and you will not face difficulties every day. Recovery promises a life worth living and purpose, as long as you work your program.

At The Kimberly Center, we care about your recovery. Recovery is more then not using. Recovery is also about healing. Whether you have good days or bad, we can teach how to handle life on life’s terms. Call us now at 855-4-KCENTER to learn more about how treatment can help you today.

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