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You’re Allowed to Have a Bad Day
You’re Allowed to Have a Bad Day
September 3, 2018
How to Handle a Bad Day in Recovery
How to Handle a Bad Day in Recovery
September 5, 2018

Life can be a beautiful journey, but the human experience isn’t always roses and sunshine. As part of humankind, you will face difficulties. Loved ones will die, you may face an illness, finances may not always be stable, and sometimes you may just feel sad. An important point to remember is that life will not always be this way. Life, especially a sober life, offers you the tools that you need to cope with difficulties.

When you are in the midst of a tough experience, it can be hard to see through the storm. Sometimes, all you can do is remind yourself that life does get better. What you may be experiencing today, is not permanent. There is hope ahead.

When you’re in recovery, especially if you’ve just started the journey, it can be challenging to think outside of difficulty. Think about it. The beginning days and weeks of recovery are tough. You may experience physical and psychological withdrawal, as the toxins are leaving your system. You may also experience intense cravings as you are learning how to stay sober.

The beginning days, weeks, or even months of sobriety are challenging. However, it’s important to remind yourself that these feelings are temporary. After all, if recovery was all bad, no one would get sober. There must be something about recovery that makes life, even with ups and downs, worthwhile.

When you are feeling the challenges of life, there are some tips that you can put into practice.
  •       Take a deep breath and meditate
  •       Call a trusted, sober ally
  •       Remind yourself that this feeling is temporary
  •       Take a warm bathe
  •       Go to a meeting
  •       Listen to calming music
  •       No matter what, stay sober

If the thought of using or drinking comes, you may find it difficult to withstand cravings. Stressful experiences can be triggering. At times, even with years of sobriety, there are some life experiences like loss and grief that are very difficult to get through. You must remember that you absolutely can make it through anything with your sobriety intact.

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