Should Demi Lovato Be the Poster Girl for What Addiction Looks Like?

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Should Demi Lovato Be the Poster Girl for What Addiction Looks Like?

Celebrities get their dirty laundry plastered all over the tabloids and news outlets when things go bad in their life. They have nowhere to hide because they are put into the limelight where the paparazzi can find out just about anything they want to know. Demi Lovato was one of the most recent celebs that was reported about when she was found overdosing by the paramedics in July. Although Demi has been forthright about her issues with substance abuse, she should not be the poster girl for addiction. No one should. Everybody’s journey with addiction is different and putting one face with a large demographic for such a huge national epidemic would be wrong on so many levels.

People might not relate

The dishonesty that comes along with substance abuse already makes people find the discrepancies rather than looking for the similarities. To have one example to represent millions of people who are addicted is such a disservice. Since most of the population does not have the fame and lifestyle she has, they already think they are different from her which could keep them from relating to her addiction through pure denial.  Anyone who abuses drugs and alcohol has the potential to provoke an addiction plain and simple.

Someone could miss out on getting help

Excuses become rampant when it is time for someone to get help for their addiction. Most people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol do not wish to seek assistance to have to stop what they are doing. Although we have seen Demi be a good example in getting the help she needs, there is a misconception that the only way you can get treatment is if you go to an expensive rehab that is located in Malibu, California by the beach. While these types of facilities are wonderful for treatment, there is help out there for anyone who wants it – not just celebrities.

No one is spared

Addiction effects all walks of life without discriminating in the least. Substance abuse does not care about someone’s race, gender, economic or social standing, religion, or sexuality. Drugs and alcohol will make an individual love them and then in the next instant take over their life to cause chaos in the blink of an eye regardless of who they are. Addiction is that powerful.

People relapse, and people get sober. There is no one way to get addicted or recover from drugs and alcohol. Before society tries to deem someone as the poster child for addiction, just know that there is no way to represent something that is such an enigma.

If you or someone you know is in the depths of drug or alcohol addiction, The Kimberly Center is ready to assist you in a new way of living. By learning who you are without drugs and alcohol in your system, you can see how full life can be in your recovery.

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