Should Your Convictions Be Rooted in Recovery?

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Should Your Convictions Be Rooted in Recovery?

The word conviction can be a rather tricky word for someone who has an addiction. For many, the word could imply something relating to the legal woes that drugs and alcohol may have caused them which is one of the definitions for it, but conviction also means, “a fixed or firm belief.” In order to be successful at whatever you are trying to accomplish, you must wholeheartedly believe in what you are doing, or you will leave an unnecessary margin of error.

For someone who is recovering from a drug and alcohol addiction, getting to the point of surrender often takes some time to achieve due to the obsession in the mind and the allergy that takes place in the body. Once you get to the point of cessation, your best bet is to have your convictions rooted in recovery and stay put because for many, coming back is not an option due to unwillingness or negative consequences such as jails, institutions, or worse, death. Believing in your recovery is imperative for a few important reasons.

Believing in your recovery will in turn help you to believe in yourself.

The vicious cycle of addiction will trick you into thinking you can have just one hit or one drink although recovery helps to break the chains into freedom. Knowledge and faith are created in recovery which helps to build up your self-esteem.

You can change the stigma that surrounds substance abuse.

Even though the face of addiction has changed tremendously in the last decade, there is still a ways to go. People who do not have a problem with drugs and alcohol do not understand what it means to be addicted and your recovery can give them a different perspective. Your convictions in recovery will help to keep you sober and show others that recovery is an option for someone who may otherwise have little hope in the process.

Any doubt you have will undermine your efforts.   

Relapse can happen to anyone who thinks that they can handle the effects of alcohol or drugs after they have made a concerted intention to stop the chaos. You will put your sobriety in jeopardy by overthinking the fact that you do not have a mental defense against the first drink or drug if you distrust any part of the process of recovery.

Believe in what you are doing in recovery and you will have a much smoother journey. You will have to start with taking baby steps in recovery just like with anything. Keep going because as long as you are alive you can have the ability to believe in the power of recovery.  

Here at The Kimberly Center, we offer a variety of recovery programs that are designed to help our clients with their substance abuse. We treat our clients on an individual basis to help them transition into a new life of sobriety.

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