How Substance Abuse Affects Your Self-Esteem

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Tenth Month: Tenth Step
October 4, 2018
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October 8, 2018
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How Substance Abuse Affects Your Self-Esteem

Addiction tends to be associated with what happens to someone under the influence. The impression is typically cut and dry. Drugs and alcohol are abused, a person gets intoxicated, begins to act outrageously, gets withdrawals without constant use, and then has to seek help to stop. While this illustration may ring true, there is an emotional side that often gets discounted due to the bad behavior that one may display while they are wasted.

The truth is that research journals have shown that someone who becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol will have exhibited low self-esteem issues at some point. Negative self-talk, harsh personal feelings, and lack of individual development are some of the ways in which low self-esteem can manifest and cause someone to use anything that will make them feel better. Without having confidence in one’s abilities, self-respect begins to dwindle making substance abuse the next best option. Drugs and alcohol can become that solution to escape from the negativity that low self-esteem imposes.

Substance and low self-esteem together develop a never-ending cycle. Someone who feels inadequate may use drugs and alcohol to cope which then has the ability turn into an addiction. The person then does whatever it takes to keep their buzz going making them do things that are demoralizing. In order to not have to remember what they have done, they drink and use more to make the negativity disappear from their mind. Tolerance levels continue to increase making the pursuit of getting what they need to stay intoxicated go to an even worse extent and so forth. This type of behavior does not bode well with keeping up the self-confidence that one would need to know that drugs and alcohol is not the solution to their problems, but what is?

The truth

Rigorous honesty will set you free from the torturous addictive thinking that makes a person feel worthless. Talking about what is really going on can help you to see where you can improve your self-esteem.

Personal growth

Once you are willing to take a look at where your low self-esteem stems from, you can make the necessary changes with the help of a therapist or a sponsor. Personal reflection is one of the best tools that therapy, and a 12-Step program has to offer some who needs to boost their confidence.

Getting help

When you are feeling inferior to the world, there is action that needs to be taken. You were not meant to be alone especially through the trials and tribulations that life throws your way. Use the help that is being offered to get you to the point of knowing you are worth being sober for your better good.

Low self-esteem enables substance abuse even though it is not the only factor that causes someone to numb out their feelings. You can improve your self-esteem at any time to combat drugs and alcohol and make yourself feel better naturally in the process.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, The Kimberly Center thrives on helping restore individuals to a healthier, happier, and more productive life free from substance abuse. We hope you choose to begin your new life with us.

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