Top 4 Tools for Overcoming Cravings

How to Handle a Bad Day in Recovery
How to Handle a Bad Day in Recovery
September 5, 2018
mental wellness and addiction recovery
Mental Wellness and Addiction Recovery
September 7, 2018
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Top 4 Tools for Overcoming Cravings

Cravings to use drugs or alcohol can happen when you are in recovery. In time, cravings will decrease in quantity and intensity. If you don’t give in to cravings you are building your recovery muscles. The stronger you get, the less cravings you will experience.

When you start to acquire years and even decades of sobriety, cravings will be rare. Your life in recovery becomes so meaningful and filled with purpose that you won’t want to sabotage your sobriety and life. There are tools to put into practice to start building your recovery muscles.

1-The power of distraction. Positive distraction is a great way to overcome cravings. This doesn’t mean to ignore what is happening. Simply put, you can acknowledge that you are having a craving and intentionally do something positive to distract yourself. Examples include reading, exercising, cooking a healthy meal, watching a movie, or going to a meeting.

2- Build a strong support system. Recovery is not an individual experience. You need the support of strong, like minded people. You can find support through positive family members and sober friends. Spend time with your support system. Go out of your way to have sober outings with them, go to meetings together, or even just have a sober dinner party at home. Positive support is a critical part of your recovery.

3- Work on yourself through recovery oriented therapy. Therapy is a safe, confidential environment to work through cravings and discover the reasons behind the addiction. Therapy can teach you skills and tools to combat cravings. Therapy can also work with you on forgiveness and improving any negative feelings that you have.

4- Learn how to have sober fun. Fun and recovery are related. Recovery can be serious and sometimes you will need to address important parts of your life. However, you also need to enjoy your sober life. Life is full of opportunities that can be enjoyed. There would be no point in recovery if it was mundane and boring. There are so many things that you can do to have fun in recovery.

At The Kimberly Center, we care about your recovery. We understand that in the beginning recovery can seem overwhelming. The Kimberly Center can help you teach you tools to help you overcome cravings and enjoy your recovery. Call us now at 855-4-KCENTER to learn more about what treatment means for you.

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