Ways to Not Sink Your Recovery on Cinco de Mayo

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Ways to Not Sink Your Recovery on Cinco de Mayo

Many holidays which are celebrated during the year have become commercialized and misconstrued from the original meaning. One of those holidays is Cinco de Mayo which commenced with Mexico’s victory over France in the Franco-Mexican back in 1862. Today most people do not even know why Cinco de Mayo is observed except that they get to eat tacos and drink lots of margaritas along with endless shots of tequila.

If Cinco De Mayo used to be your jam and then you realized that you have an addiction to drugs and alcohol, then you may be sweating not being able to celebrate this day with your friends this year. These types of drinking holidays could cause you to develop a craving and worse send you into relapse mode. By using your time wisely and planning out what you are going to do, you can stay sober on Cinco de Mayo and have fun doing it.

Host your own fiesta

Get creative with your Mexican party ideas. Make a buffet of make-it-yourself tacos or nachos with all the topping you can think of. Roll tamales and cook them while you are playing games. In fact, you could get a pinata and bust it open to make it rain candy with your friends. Through honoring the Mexican culture, you can learn more about their traditions and their cuisine without having to drink the water.

Have a movie marathon

Another great way to learn about Mexico is to watch some movies. Use entertainment to fill up your time so that you can take your mind off drinks at happy hour. You can choose a variety of movies such as Frieda, Babel, Under the Same Moon, or Coco. If Mexican movies are not your fancy, remember that Cinco de Mayo follows May the Forth, which is a day that Star Wars fans everywhere celebrate their favorite heroes. You could just watch the Star Wars trilogy once again keeping your sobriety force with you.

Go to a meeting

If all else fails, go to a meeting. Rarely will you go to a meeting and feel worse when you come out. Solution is the key to long-term sobriety and meetings are one of the ways to gain instant gratification into solution. Hanging with your sober peeps will prove to be much better than hanging with your drunk peeps any day of the year.

Sobriety allows you to have the freedom to make days that you would normally drink ones that are filled with sober alternatives. Just because you no longer drink does not mean that you are dead. Make new sober traditions for the days that mean something to you and live it up!  

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