Can I Hang Around Friends Who Still Drink?

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Can I Hang Around Friends Who Still Drink?

Since you just got sober, you must have a million questions about what life may be like for you without drugs and alcohol. There is no doubt you must be completely afraid of the unknown especially because drugs and alcohol was usually your answer to what was next. One of the biggest obstacles you will face is who should hang out with. “You become who you hang out with” is a philosophy that seems to ring true for many people. So, should you be around your friends or loved ones who still drink or use?

This issue can be widely debatable for people in recovery. Some will tell you to stay away at any costs to prevent triggers and cravings that lead to relapse. Others may say that you should have a healthy fear of alcohol or drugs and to face it head on. The truth is that you should do what is best for you sobriety and that is different for anyone.

Can you just say no?

Willpower is not an option for many people who struggle with substance abuse. There may be a time when you are more susceptible to wanting to drink or use when you see others doing it. Your brain could trick you into thinking that you do not have a problem with drugs and alcohol. Consider the risk that you may be taking by being around someone who is drinking or using because you can be easily tempted to do something that can lead you right back into your addiction.

Are you on solid footing on your recovery?

An obsession is part of an addiction. Being in recovery is supposed to relieve that obsession with each action that you take in your program. By talking to a sponsor or a therapist you can get a better indication to see if you are ready to be around loved ones and friends who consume the substances that you cannot. You may be strong enough in your program to use the tools that you have learned to combat the obsession, or you may not be ready to be around drugs or alcohol in any capacity.

Will they understand?

If drugs or alcohol are the center of your relationship you may get yourself into some trouble with temptation. People who know the depths of your addiction, will want you to stay sober and will respect your recovery. Those who do not care if you stay sober will not have your best interest at heart.

Putting your sobriety first at all costs in important. Setting healthy boundaries around your sobriety is detrimental. Being honest about what you can really handle is crucial and can take you to greater lengths in your sobriety.

If you or someone you know is in the depths of drug or alcohol addiction, The Kimberly Center is ready to assist you in a new way of living. By learning who you are without drugs and alcohol in your system, you can see how full life can be in your recovery.

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