Why Should I Forgive My Family After an Intervention?

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Why Should I Forgive My Family After an Intervention?

Now that you are in rehab and the whirlwind of your family intervention has settled a bit, you may be very upset that you were tricked and duped by the people you felt like you could trust the most. Listening to the bottom lines they read to you may have made you feel like that you are no longer supported with those whom you thought would always have your back.

The most beneficial thing you can do for your sobriety is to make sure that you are correctly processing everything that took place during your intervention. You may have been upset by the sentiment, but you should let your anger go. Resentments are one of the main things that could cause someone to want to drink or use again. You could be putting your recovery at risk if you do forgive your loved ones for offering you the gift of sobriety.

You are sober

How awesome is it that you are sober? Had you not taken their advice to get the help that you need, you may be out there wasted and running amuck. Be grateful that they cared enough about you to get you the help that you need. If you had known beforehand, you know you would have evaded their advances to get you into rehab. Appreciate your sobriety by forgiving them for not loving you to death.  

You are in recovery

Getting sober means making some effort to get well spiritually, physically, and mentally. Therapy and 12-Step programs can be instrumental in helping someone to work through the issues that cause anxiety, depression, and anger. By using the recovery tools that are suggested for you, you can find compassion and forgiveness for others by doing some work on yourself. Letting your loved ones off the hook for their calculated intervention plan can help your recovery to thrive that much more.

You are free

Holding onto the negative feelings that you are harboring can really bog you down. Use the steps or therapy to guide you on how to work through your feelings about the situation so you can move on. Once you let go of the animosity, you will feel liberated from the anguish that has been holding you back. You will be able to move forward in a healthy manner appreciating your loved ones efforts.

Forgiveness means that you have made peace with the pain that you have had to endure and are ready to get on with your life. You need not be burdened with what you feel they have done to you but be thankful for what they have done for you.

If you or someone you know needs help with their drug or alcohol addiction, The Kimberly Center has a treatment plan that will work for you. We believe that successful recovery encompasses the improvements in your self-esteem, relationships, and vocational productivity that substance abuse took away from you.

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