Where Can I Find Joy Now that I am Sober?

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January 15, 2019
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January 17, 2019

Joy is one of those things that people continuously search for their whole lives. Some succeed in their search and spread their joy to others. Some people, on the other hand, have a hard time pinpointing what joy is and use drugs and alcohol to fill the void. Upon getting sober, they no longer have drugs and alcohol to masquerade as their joy and find themselves at square one – wondering how they will feel joyful now that they are sober.

Finding joy must come from within and for many people who suffer with addiction, they harbor so much shame and guilt from their past that do not feel worthy of experiencing it for themselves. The real problem with finding joy is people who drink, and use are unsure of what joy actually is. Joy is defined as “great pleasure and happiness” which may seem farfetched for someone with an addiction even if they are already in recovery.

If you were to ask someone who is sober how they find joy, most of them would be clueless as how to answer the question. Finding pleasure in healthy things may be a foreign aspect for them although it is much easier than they realize. To be able capture some newfound happiness is achievable if some necessary efforts are made.

Search for what you love to do

You may have no idea what you like to do without being drunk or loaded. Being under the influence gives you the courage you need to be outgoing enough to think you know what interests you. In sobriety, you may be at a loss of what that actually is. Think about what you might enjoy and go for it! Cook, garden, write, knit, volunteer, draw, exercise, create, or whatever you feel like delighting in. Play around and try new things to discover out what your new hobby or interest will become.

Hone your hobby

The more you practice something the better you will be at your activity especially being sober and more aware of your surroundings. Keep learning new things about the hobby you enjoy. You could turn your pleasure into something that is actually therapeutic for your soul.

Find joy in your new hobby

Whenever you are stressed, turn the activity that you love into helping you to blow off some steam. Try to take time outside of work, school, parenting, or whatever is causing you pressure to build on your joy. You honestly deserve to take the time for yourself to get some enjoyment out of your new sober hobby.

Joy should be part of your self-care routine without a doubt. You got sober to live a better life and joy will certainly be instrumental in manifesting that resolution if you let it.

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