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Cell phones are a convenience. Once you have one you can’t seem to do without it. You can even feel addicted to these handheld devices. Do you bring your cell phone everywhere you go, and freak out if you leave it at home? Do you check your messages and email every time the alert goes off? Do you feel you have to answer every text or email immediately?

Cell phone technology has invaded our society. Cell phones can jack up your nervous systems and add more stress to your life. People talk in public and don’t seem to care if anyone is listening. You have coffee with a friend and their cell phone pings. Your friend either answers the phone, checks the message or turns off the ringer. You wish your friend had turned off the ringer ahead of time, but people are human and forget.

You’re at home having dinner with your family. Your spouse answers his or her cell phone, your kids text their friends. When cell phone usage constantly intrudes upon your day and interrupts family time and your life as a whole, it’s time to set some boundaries. We can’t control strangers talking in public. We have to be careful not to be critical of a friend’s cell phone habits, but we can establish rules for home usage.

Here are some tips for those of you obsessed with your cell phone and want to do something about it. The first action you can take is to observe your cell phone behaviors and take measures to change them. You’re on your way to take Fluffy for a walk. You grab your cell phone and shove it in your back pocket. Someone might need to get a hold of you. What would it feel like to just walk with your dog without the phone? Your might have a peaceful and free feelling walk for a change.

Every time you reach for your phone, either to answer it or respond to someone, ask yourself if it can wait. Except for dire emergencies, most things can wait. The phone doesn’t own you. You don’t have to buy into the idea text messages must be immediately answered. People could ask, why did it take you two days to answer my text? Tell them the truth, I’ve had to set limits on my cell phone usage because it’s stressing me out, or, I’m practicing boundary setting. I don’t want the cell phone to own me.


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