How to Get Off Junk Food in Recovery

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November 7, 2017
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You’re well into recovery and want to makes change in your eating habits. Every time you pass the convenience store it screams: come in, buy our potato chips, cheese curls, slim jims, strawberry twizzlers, whatever your junk food of choice is for that day. When this happens you can practice asking what the junk food is going to do for you. You’re after crunch or salt or a greasy salty fix. Ask yourself what the crunch is going to do for you? There is little to no nutritional value in junk food. So, what is it you’re after?

Hmm. That’s it! A part of you wants and needs to be stimulated. A habit is formed and fortified each time you stop and buy the junk food. Habits can be hard to break because your brain gets hardwired with them. It’s almost as if your car drives itself to the store, or you find yourself walking to the vending machine without a thought.  

When you want to eat junk food ask if you are trying to distract yourself from feeling something, or trying to avoid the feeling through distraction. Either way you may reach the same conclusion. I want something to make me feel better and this bag of chips will do the trick. Now you have to identify the feeling you are trying to avoid Are you: lonely, sad, angry, confused, or disgusted? It could be that you want to eat junk food when you are happy, or as a reward for an accomplishment.

Once you’ve looked into why you eat junk food, you can make a plan for getting off it. Some people fill a bag of almonds to eat during the day when they would normally be heading to the store. Fruits like apples, grapes, bananas are good substitutes for junk food. They fill you up and contain nutrients your body needs like potassium, fiber, folic acid and Vitamin C. If you don’t like fruit, or need a change from it, you can cut up some veggies and enjoy the crunch.

It’s understandable when you stopped drinking that you may have started in on junk food or increased your habit. Now you are ready to make another important change for your health and well being. Remember when you made the decision to stop drinking? You can get off junk food the same way you stopped drinking—one day at a time. You’re bound to feel a whole lot better.

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