How to Set Boundaries at Work to Protect Mental Health

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June 5, 2021
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 There are a lot of people who have to interact with others for work and through family and friends daily. It can be hard to separate yourself from others whether it be a completely normal relationship or an unhealthy one. The truth is, people often have a hard time setting boundaries out of fear of multiple things. It can be anything from the fear of losing others or even the fear of hurting others.

Either way, putting yourself first now and then isn’t something that anyone should be afraid of. If you are in a situation where you have to set boundaries, this doesn’t mean you are involved with someone toxic or a bad person. This just means that you have a certain amount of space that you need to function.

This also goes for the workplace too. At the workplace, the lines can get blurred because you want to perform well and have a good reputation at your job. Unfortunately, you can still have toxic relationships and be in a toxic environment. It’s important to set the tone, in the beginning, to get the best results, experiences, and connections possible.

Setting Boundaries at Work

As more people begin to work at home permanently, there is way more flexibility at work than ever. So setting boundaries at work is essential. As the unemployment rate goes down, businesses are coming across people who may simply just be happy to have a job once again. This comes with the mental state of employees being highly agreeable.

Although this is true, boundaries do not need to be abandoned. It’s important to set these boundaries as early as possible, sometimes even in the interview process. In the interview, you are showing employers and coworkers what type of treatment you will allow. When you set your boundaries early, it will allow you to navigate in the workplace. In a lot of cases, it will help you avoid a toxic environment and help make a clear path for you to be productive without being taken advantage of.

Everyone has a different thought process while in the workplace. Understanding that is highly important when considering boundaries. Not only do you want yours respected, but it’s also nice to respect the boundaries of others as well.

Create Structure and Keep it Professional

A little structure is good for all settings, especially in the workplace. When you create those boundaries in the beginning, then your coworkers don’t have to play the guessing game. If you set up a schedule for your time then it will eliminate your day getting interrupted by your coworkers. Someone in a management position could benefit from structures built around distributing assigning responsibilities to other people. In the workplace, everyone should be assigned roles that work best for them, even in regards to friendship. This means there should also be structure amongst the people you choose to hang out with within the workplace. Let your work relationships remain as such to avoid certain boundaries being crossed.

The same can go for a supervisor or boss. It’s normal to want a personal connection with your boss, but make sure you know where to draw the line. Part of knowing what’s not appropriate means you need to know what is. Fun family stories, hobbies, sports, and music are appropriate things to discuss with your boss in the workplace.

Learn to Say No and Relax

One of the hardest things for some people to say in the workplace is no. It’s ok to want to take advantage of an opportunity, but weighing the cost allows making the right decision. Saying yes can lead to things like promotions, and saying no can prevent you from being overwhelmed. The two can co-exist in the healthy ecosystem of work if you set up the boundaries to do so.

Everyone isn’t capable of just letting constant no’s slip off the tongue, so a creative plan and verbiage can help you decline respectfully. The key is developing a way to balance everything and finding a way to fit in more work without putting your primary responsibilities in jeopardy. If asked to do so, try asking yourself, “Do I have time to do this?” In some places, you could even ask your co-worker the question in a non-malicious way. This will give your co-worker the chance to consider if they should be asking you to complete the task at hand.

Boundaries are necessary for all areas of life. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries in the workplace. Your mental health can be directly affected by your willingness to say yes to everything that is put on your plate. Once you begin a new job, try to set the boundaries that will make you happy and comfortable from the beginning so you can set the right tone. Although people may often be looking to move up the ladder, this doesn’t mean you should take on tons of work to the detriment of your personal life. If you feel like you have already begun taking on too big of a load at work and you are anxious or depressed, you should seek professional help. Facilities like Kimberly Center provide a multitude of treatment options that will guide you and show you how to be more productive at work. You can reach Kimberly Center at (855) 452-3683.

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