Why You Need a Sponsor or Mentor in Early Recovery

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October 26, 2017
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Why You Need a Sponsor or Mentor in Early Recovery

When you first become clean and sober, it can be troubling to learn you should get a sponsor.  You have likely had dysfunctional, codependent relationships with ulterior motives for years.  The thought of having to approach a potential stranger, knowing they will learn your deepest and darkest secrets can be terrifying.  Yet, having a sponsor will be one of the most rewarding relationships you will have in your lifetime.  

A sponsor is like a good friend or mentor that guides you through your new path of recovery.  They have gone through the same experiences as you and have found a way to beat their addiction.  Your mentor will show you exactly what they did to help them stay clean.  As a sponsee, you’ll learn how to be honest and work a treatment program.  Addicts by nature are deceitful and usually do things for their best interest.  A sponsor helps you to overcome self-seeking habits and develop humility.  

Addicts are prone to impulsive behaviors and as a result, tend to make rash decisions. Even though the drugs and/or alcohol have been removed from the body, selfish habits don’t immediately cease.  A sponsor will usually want you to contact them a lot in early recovery, sometimes several times per day.  They need to make sure you’re understanding situations correctly and not doing something that could be harmful to yourself or your recovery.  The first 90 days in sobriety are critical.  This is when most relapses occur.  Finding a sponsor that you can trust can make or break your recovery in the beginning.  Your mentor will provide emotional support and help you take accountability for your actions.  You will be able to talk to them about anything.  Choosing someone who has gone through what you have will have huge benefits.  They are able to take an objective view on your situation and relationships and give impartial advice.  The connection you will develop with your sponsor by working through a program of recovery will be invaluable and will allow you to do the same for a person in your situation someday.  Helping another addict stay clean keeps you clean.  It is wildly rewarding and can make your life stay balanced for the long run.  


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