The Connection Between Depression and Heart Disease

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June 19, 2021
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June 26, 2021
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The Connection Between Depression and Heart Disease

It is normal to have times in your life where you are feeling irritable, down, or sad. Overall these emotions are perfectly normal to have when you have been diagnosed with serious health problems like heart disease. Depression is one of the most prevalent mental health issues in the United States. Mental health issues like depression can be associated with risk factors of heart disease.

The link between depression can go both ways. Depression can not only start problems with your heart, but depression can be a result of it as well. In these past few years, it may have been difficult to prove these statements since so many patients who have had heart attacks haven’t been officially diagnosed with depression.

Although this is true, there are certainly some numbers that show that they are coexisting issues. Some of the same lifestyle habits that can cause depression can also be responsible for problems involving the heart. Even when people try to take medications to help treat mental disorders like depression are subject to an increase in heart disease risk. This means that although there might not be solid proof of this connection, it is worth looking into.

Different Factors of Depression

Depression can come from many different factors in a person’s life. It can come from genetics, biological, environmental, and psychological factors. All of this can perhaps hint towards why women who are younger with depression and heart disease have worse results compared to younger men. The overall position for women in the modern family can be taxing when dealing with work and the home environment. Becoming a mother, a wife, and a great employee can be overwhelming and a potential stressor.

Some research has also shown that men and women do not respond the same to stress and depression. On the bright side, it is possible to overcome stress and anxiety, which will improve your health and help prevent the risk of heart disease. In regards to the physical health problems affecting your mental health, being diagnosed with heart disease can be overwhelming and cause multiple mental disorders in patients. This is why it is important to address any issues you have with your mental disorder before or after your physical diagnosis.

Two Birds, One Stone

The brightest part about maneuvering through depression and heart disease is that you can help both problems with some of the same solutions. When you eat healthy foods, you will feel better overall, and it will improve your heart health. This can work to decrease your risk of heart disease. If you combine that with exercise, it can be a form of therapy for those struggling with depression, and it can also help strengthen your heart health.

Although more people are starting to go back outside and celebrate, you may want to avoid consuming too much alcohol or completely stop usage if possible. Alcohol is a depressant, and it lowers the levels of serotonin in the brain. Committing to a healthy lifestyle will help your physical and mental health. Consider some of your habits and how changing them might improve your health.

Other Heart Health Issues Related to Depression

People who are recovering from a heart attack and battling depression have a lower chance of recovering, and they also have a higher risk of death than those without. Those who have had heart attacks have shown less motivation to get into a healthy daily routine. This means that it is imperative to figure out what motivates you if you are having similar problems. The combination of depression and heart problems can lead to many other issues. This can include mental and physical complications. People with depression can also experience changes in their nervous system and hormonal balance. This can cause issues like a heart rhythm disturbance.

Alcohol also increases the risk of high blood pressure, which heightens your chances of having a heart attack or stroke. Not only will putting down alcoholic beverages help but so will putting down cigarettes. Many people who are depressed will run to some form of smoking to get to a calm and relaxed state. Luckily smoking is a preventable risk factor when it comes to heart disease.

If you are looking to lower your stress levels, try breathing exercises, get plenty of rest, and sleep. Try sharing your feelings with others or even writing them down for self-expression. It is important to build up your self-esteem and will if you are someone who has had a hard attack.

The connection between depression and heart disease can be looked at as something hard to measure. The truth is, the studies are there, and either way, it’s important to monitor both if you feel like you are having any issues or complications. In many cases, the underlying issue starts with your mental health. Anxiety and depression can be the cause of many other physical issues. If you would like to be proactive, you can contact The Kimberly Center and let us help you get ahead of the curve. This can be for you or your loved ones. We provide a plethora of different treatments for people who are struggling not only with addiction but anxiety and depression, as well. Everything from inpatient and outpatient options is available. We can help you find the best options to better serve you or your loved ones in your time of need. Contact us at (855) 452-3683.

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