August 17, 2021

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Social Media

It doesn’t take much to realize that the world of social media is prevalent, and its impacts are everywhere. From viral videos to news articles and […]
August 15, 2021

Why Pop Culture Should Have Better Representation of Mental Illnesses

When people are writing books or scripts, they are typically on a mission to write a story that relies on some form of shock value. If […]
August 5, 2021

How to Manage Depression With No Support System

When dealing with depression, it can be even harder to cope when your friends and family are not supportive of you. Your symptoms can become worse […]
August 1, 2021

How to Mentally Prepare Your Child to Return to School

Many of you are inevitably looking for ways to cope with the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. From virtual therapy sessions to online coping mechanisms, […]