Does My Diet Affect My Sobriety?

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During the throes of addiction, drinking an ungodly number of calories from alcohol, using drugs to curb an appetite, or making food an afterthought to using drugs and alcohol is a typical occurrence. Nutrition is generally not as big of a priority to someone who has an addiction which can cause them to become gaunt. On the contrary, gaining weight is a result of sobriety for many reasons. Malnourishment, poor eating habits, and craving sugary carbohydrates can make a person who is newly sober yo-yo with their weight after they have stopped abusing drugs and alcohol.

After what could be decades of abuse to the body with substance abuse, adding a balanced diet to the mix of someone who has found sobriety can help the body to heal. Healthy foods can rejuvenate the body through detoxification and continue supplying energetic fuel to run on. Balanced meals can be used as a beneficial tool to combat physical ailments that have been brought about by addiction. Conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes as well as depression and chronic fatigue can be improved by consuming the appropriate stabilizing foods.

Food is not only fuel for the physical part of the body, but also food for thought. Eating lean protein, fruits, fiber, and vegetables are healthy choices that can be instrumental in lifting brain fog which is often brought about by feasting upon high sugar and high carb foods. Desserts, chips, and bread may be delicious to eat, but can trick your mind into really only making you feel good in the moment. The truth is that those foods contain empty calories which can make someone gain weight and cause them depression once the pleasure wears off.   

Ultimately a person’s diet could affect their sobriety. Anything that obstructs self-esteem or self-worth could potentially cause a relapse. Diet is one of the factors that directly relates to body image. Establishing a healthy relationship with food can be advantageous for long-term sobriety. Using food the way it is intended for will allow wellness to ensue. Food is vital for survival because of the nutrients and vitamins that it provides for the development of new cells, maintaining healthy bones and organs, not to mention the clarity of the mind that you will help you to make better decisions like staying sober.   

Nutrition is extremely important for anyone, but especially for someone who is getting their life together after a long battle from drugs and alcohol. The strength that you will receive from a healthy and balanced diet is another notch you can put on your recovery tool belt.

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