Why Enjoying Sobriety is Not Just a Myth

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Why Enjoying Sobriety is Not Just a Myth

The usual thought process that goes with sobriety is that you may wonder how you will ever have fun again without the use of mind-altering drugs. How will I get married without alcohol at my wedding? Why would I watch sports without a cold beer? Could I really see a movie without getting high? You may not like the real answer, but the truth is that you can have even more fun without having drugs or alcohol in the mix.

You are not worried about your next fix.

Social drinking and getting high maybe what you are searching for although once you cross the invisible line into addiction, you are really trying to maintain not going into withdrawal and relieving your obsession. You must keep drinking and using which keeps you chained to finding your next fix. In sobriety, you are working to relieve the obsession so that you can be free to accomplish more in your life.

You can find your passion.

Drugs and alcohol were your passion while you were out there using and drinking which probably kept you from doing the activities that you enjoy. You may not even know anymore what it is that makes you happy. Taking away the substances could be the first step into meeting your full potential and can give you the opportunity to find or start up again what it you are passionate about. Cooking, acting, painting, or anything that you find joy in can add more consistency into your recovery.

You can suit up and show up for life.

Being under the influence keeps you from participating in your life. You probably missed family functions and celebrations of loved ones because you knew you would make a fool of yourself and give them reason to see how bad off you really are. Today you make a concerted effort to be of service to those around you and you show up for them. Even though the activities you get to do are not always necessarily fun, the feeling you get from doing the right thing is what fills you up.         

The perception of being sober is that life will become boring and unfulfilled although that could not be farther from the truth. You can fit more into your daily life and make a bigger difference overall because sobriety is what you make it – so make it a good time.

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