Is Faking it ‘Til I Make it Even Honest?

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Is Faking it ‘Til I Make it Even Honest?

You have probably heard the suggestion in meetings to “fake it ‘til you make it” which may leave you perplexed as to what that actually means. With other suggestions that promote rigorous honesty, you may be unclear on why you should fake anything. In fact, you may feel like you have led a dishonest life up until this point and want nothing more to do with duplicity since it could lead you right back to a drink or a drug.

With all things considered, however, you may still ponder on whether or not you should fake it ‘til you make. Here are a few reasons you might want to take this figurative suggestion as a way to navigate the trials and tribulations you will face in your sobriety.

Convalescence at its finest

Faking it ‘til you make it is intended to get you over the hump of some of the circumstances that you face in sobriety. Each day that you are recovering gives you an opportunity to show your strength as you get from point A to point B from attempting to keep your chin up the entire time.

Conviction turns into confidence

When you believe that you are capable of recovery and getting through life sober, the more capable you will be. Give yourself a daily pep talk about your primary purpose or listen to others who are complimenting your recovery efforts, so that you can build up your courage and determination one day at a time.  

Show those pearly whites

Although smiling may not feel comfortable at this point in your sobriety, show your teeth already! Yes, you will totally feel like you are faking it, but smiling is an action that will actually make you happy if you try. If you continue to “fake” your smile, this will lead you to an abundance of laughter which you have probably heard is the best medicine.

Practice who you want to be

You probably have done some things in your past you are not too proud of so if you fake it ‘til you make it in the sense that change takes time, you should eventually improve on your character defects. If you act as if, you have a better chance to become the version of yourself you have always inspired to be.  

Faking it ‘til you make it may not be a conventional approach for some people who are in recovery although this may be a path that could work for you. In recovery, it takes what it takes and sometimes faking it ‘til you make it could ironically make you more authentic than you have ever been.

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