My Sponsor Relapsed. What Do I Do Now?

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January 11, 2019
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January 15, 2019

Every person in recovery has a relapse in them and sometimes people that you think could never relapse do. When that person who relapses is your sponsor, you probably have a lot of emotion wrapped around them going out. Most likely you feel scared and all alone because “your person” broke the trust you built up that was formed on staying sober. Even though you feel let down, you will be okay if you stick to your recovery plan.

Stay calm and use your recovery tools

To freak out would mean to let go of the faith that you have been developing in your recovery. Try to meditate for serenity and pray for guidance. Call a friend in the program to vent your frustration. Get to a meeting to hear solution. You have a lot of great choices to make other than following your sponsor into a relapse.

Understand the importance of a sponsor

You may feel betrayed because your old sponsor did not hold up their end of your accountability bond. Probably the last thing you want to do is have to start over with another sponsor. The truth is that you need a sponsor to lead you through the steps and inspire you to grow in your relationship with your Higher Power.

Look for a new potential sponsor

A recovery program is a “we” program because left to your own devices, you probably would go rogue when it came to your program. Go to meetings and listen to people share. You want to find someone who is spiritual and who does the right thing which you can hear in their shares if you pay attention. Look for someone who has what you want and get to know them better. The longer you go without a sponsor, the further you will get from your recovery because going through sobriety alone is a treacherous place to be.

Learn the lesson being taught

Instead of being judgmental of your old sponsor, give them the compassion they need. Everyone makes mistakes and rather than being holier than thou, you have a great opportunity to be of service like they were to you even if all you can do right now is pray for their recovery.

People in recovery have been beat down enough in their addiction, so the best thing you can do is give your old sponsor some kindness. Also thank your lucky stars that you are still sober and understand you could be next if you do not hold onto your seat.  

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