Tom Mouracade

Thomas Mouracade, the owner of The Kimberly Center, believes his own experience in treatment since 2001 has rewarded him with the knowledge and understanding to help others find freedom from active addiction to drugs and alcohol. With his passion and zest for recovery from this horrid disease, he envisioned overseeing such a center designed to focus on restoring the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being of the alcoholic and those chemically dependent, and their family. Tom sees the light in every man and woman. But, he says, during active addiction, that light is very dim. He desires to help bring those suffering in the darkness into the light as he experienced for himself. Tom’s philosophy is that, “the light cannot be extinguished, and we build on that”.

In fulfilling this dream, Tom created The Kimberly Center in honor of the memory of his beloved sister Kimberly Mouracade. Tom, in addition with an evidence-based program, has brought together a professionally educated medical team and staff to use their skills, resources, creativity, and energy to provide compassionate and expert treatment and care, while emphasizing dignity of the individual. This is done through an integrated system of counseling services, education and addiction medicine (if needed).