Outpatient Program

You have likely heard that addiction is a disease. However, it is not the kind of disease that you can visit a doctor or take medicine for and be cured. Addiction requires long-term treatment and management — this means that even after your time spent in a treatment center like The Kimberly Center, you will need to seek support and guidance to help you stay sober. For many of those living in recovery from addiction, an outpatient treatment program is the best way to establish good practices for independent sobriety.

What is an Outpatient Program?

Outpatient treatment programs are designed to provide flexible addiction recovery treatment that can support you as you begin to lead an independent, substance-free life. Outpatient treatment means that you make and attend regular appointments at a treatment center, but you do not reside where you are receiving care — just like normal visits with your primary care doctor. In the case of addiction recovery treatment, your appointments may involve visits with your therapist, group counseling sessions or support meetings. Outpatient programs can help to keep you on schedule and hold you accountable to your recovery plan while you continue to become accustomed to life in the “real world.”

Outpatient programs can also include educational components that allow you to develop skills you need to live a sober life on your own. Career help, organizational abilities and financial tools can help keep you away from drugs and alcohol once you are no longer in a controlled environment. These resources are usually available through your treatment center, which means that continuing your treatment in an outpatient program gives you access to them even when you no longer live under the center’s roof.

Is an Outpatient Program Right for Me?

Most often, outpatient treatment is recommended for those who have already completed a residential program or an intensive outpatient program. Outpatient programs provide less structure than these two options, and it can be challenging to transition directly from detox to a treatment program that gives you too much freedom. It is often better to take small steps from detox to residential treatment to outpatient treatment so that you have time to adjust to increasing levels of self-reliance. You may also be a good candidate for outpatient treatment if you have work or family responsibilities that require a flexible treatment schedule but will help keep you busy when you are in between appointments. If you and your counselor think you are ready for a less structured treatment schedule, you should look into outpatient programs that are available in your area.

Contact The Kimberly Center

If you or your loved one has completed a residential recovery program and is seeking the next phase of addiction treatment in Fort Myers, Florida, the outpatient program at The Kimberly Center may be right for you. With a program like ours, you can take your next steps towards lifelong recovery by continuing with counseling and developing your sober living skills. If you are interested in participating in our outpatient program, contact The Kimberly Center today at 855- 452-3683 to learn more about our services and treatment options.