Long Term Treatment

Living in recovery from an addiction to alcohol or drugs takes a lifelong commitment to your sobriety. When you begin your recovery at The Kimberly Center, you unlock the door to a range of opportunities that can help you regain your health and stay strong and sober. With our programs, you can thrive at any stage of your recovery, from your first steps of detox to your first year of sobriety and beyond. Our evidence-based therapies are designed to last a lifetime, and the extended treatment programs that we offer at our center will help you build a foundation for your substance-free future.

Addiction Treatment with Guidance and Support

For many people in recovery from addiction, moving directly from a short-term detox program to long-term outpatient therapy is a jarring transition. Though you may be in a better place physically after detox, the mental toll of addiction lasts much longer than withdrawal symptoms. Being away from a dedicated treatment center brings difficulties like unaccountability, lack of support, boredom and access to drugs or alcohol — these obstacles can be insurmountable so soon after clearing your system. Outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment can make sense for those who have work responsibilities to keep them busy or a supportive family at home. But those who have less help awaiting them may want to choose a treatment program with more monitoring and structure.

If you feel as though you need a treatment program with support and guidance, then the extended care we provide at The Kimberly Center may be the right fit for you. With this program, you can continue to receive closely-monitored care and therapy while you adjust to sober living. This program is provided at our treatment center, which means you can remain immersed in our supportive community while you build the mental health and courage to continue on your path to recovery outside our walls.

Evidence-Based Treatment Without Over-Medication

At The Kimberly Center, we believe in a treatment approach that is focused on your individuality and inner strength. Though it is sometimes medically necessary to use a safely administered drug for detox and withdrawal symptoms, it is our goal to keep you completely substance-free rather than replace one substance with another. Our long-term treatment and therapy plans are designed to minimize the use of medical assistance, ensuring that your body is fully healthy and self-sufficient as you begin your recovery.

In our extended recovery programs, we use evidence-based treatments like talk therapy, family therapy and the 12-Step Program rather than long-term medications. These treatments have proven themselves successful over the years through practice and clinical studies. And, since there are many approaches to and types of these therapies, your treatment plan can be customized to fit your background and your experience with addiction. The goal of our extended treatment is to help you learn to rely on yourself and your support system in tough times rather than turning to a substance that could be abused.

Transition into Sober Living

 Many relapse cases occur because someone struggling from addiction was not provided with the right kind of guidance following detox. Especially in the case of medically-assisted detox, which can ease withdrawal symptoms but also result in a continued reliance on substances, time and counseling are needed to heal the mind as well as the body. The Kimberly Center is committed to helping you find this holistic healing through our extended treatment program, which bridges the gap between detox and day-to-day life.

Our extended treatment program is designed to be the transitional period you need to restore your confidence and your faith in yourself. With continued full-time care at our recovery facility, you will have access to our expert staff and many amenities while you begin your journey to long-term recovery. Without a built-in network like The Kimberly Center community, finding your footing to take steps toward sober living can be frightening and stressful. But with the right level of support and care, you will be ready to jump into a fulfilling and substance-free life. And, at The Kimberly Center, when you do feel ready to leave our walls you do not also need to leave your support system. We also offer outpatient treatment programs so you can continue to be a part of our community through your regular therapy sessions.

Contact The Kimberly Center

The Kimberly Center provides quality, compassionate addiction recovery treatment in Fort Myers, Florida. We welcome adults struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs, including those who are in need of medical detox or have accompanying mental health disorders. To learn more about the services and programs we offer, contact us today at 855-452-3683. Our staff is available to help you find the resources available to you as you begin your journey to recovery from addiction. Don’t hesitate to call us and find out if our programs are right for you.