Sober living experiences are an enriching part of addiction recovery. Too often, people — even those who are not struggling with addiction — rely on substances like drugs or alcohol to enjoy activities or the presence of others. As you leave these mind-altering substances behind, you are given the opportunity to rediscover yourself and your world with a renewed sense of clarity. An essential part of your recovery journey is learning who you are outside of your addiction, finding confidence and fulfillment in yourself as you were meant to be.

What is a Recovery Residence Program?

The Recovery Residence Program at The Kimberly Center is our sober living program. Sober living programs offer a home to those who have participated in and are participating in addiction treatment, providing a safe and substance-free place to stay during recovery. Since drugs and alcohol are common in our society, it can be burdensome to begin your recovery from addiction without the protection of a dedicated substance-free zone. When you choose to live in a sober facility like our Recovery Residence, your home will always be a place that feels comfortable and safe. Most sober living households also organize outings and activities so that you can form friendships and find new hobbies that you will carry with you into your new sober life.

Sober living programs can also be residential treatment programs. You can often work or attend school while you are living in a recovery residence, with minor restrictions like curfews and household responsibilities. Those who reside at sober living facilities are typically also participating in treatment programs like individual and group counseling sessions, life skills courses or support group meetings. The combination of these programs help to keep you on track with your counseling and therapy while you learn to balance treatment with daily responsibilities.

Is a Recovery Residence Program Right for Me?

Recovery residences are an ideal living situation for those who do not otherwise have a stable home environment. Perhaps your rented apartment has been filled by another tenant, or your roommates are unwilling to keep harmful substances out of the house. Perhaps your spouse feels as though you need more time in recovery before returning home, or your parents’ home is too far away from your job or therapist’s office. Your first housing situation after detox and inpatient treatment should be a completely substance-free and supportive atmosphere, and it should be one that you can rely on to stay that way for as long as you need. If you are ready to begin your transition into sober day-to-day life but you need the added support of a like-minded community, a sober living program like The Kimberly Center’s Recovery Residence may be right for you.

Contact The Kimberly Center

The Kimberly Center’s Recovery Residence is located in sunny Fort Myers, Florida. Our comfortable sober living home provides a stable, substance-free environment for those who are ready for the adventure of discovering life without drugs and alcohol. We strive to create a recovery community that is supportive and collaborative, where our residents build each other up and help the road to recovery feel less bumpy. If you are interested in our Recovery Residence, contact The Kimberly Center today at 855-452-3683 to learn more about availability and our other addiction recovery programs.