Continuing Care

When you are living in recovery from addiction, your sobriety is a lifelong choice. You will be tempted to fall back into your habits of substance abuse many times throughout your life, and you will need a system of support and care keep you substance-free. Studies show that long- term counseling and participation in support groups can significantly lower your chances of relapse. With a continuing care program, you can have access to these long-term treatments as well as the many other resources that come with maintaining a connection to a recovery community.

What is a Continuing Care Program?

The purpose of a continuing care program is to help facilitate your transition from structured treatment to self-driven sobriety. The vast majority of people who are successfully living in recovery from addiction attend 12-step program meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous and regularly see a mental health counselor. But the process involved in joining a support group near you, finding the right counselor and balancing these activities with your day-to- day life can be frustrating. At this stage of your recovery, you may be busy interviewing for new jobs, assimilating into family life or resuming coursework at school. It can feel impossible to find time to research addiction support resources in your area. With a continuing care program, though, these resources can be at your fingertips — perhaps even at the same treatment facility you have already been attending.

Continuing care programs like The Kimberly Center’s offer access to counseling, education and 12-step group meetings under one roof. You will have access to group and individual therapy appointments, life skills lectures, family education sessions and 12-step support groups designed to help you take your final steps towards independence. When you complete a continuing care program, you will have all the tools you need to settle into your new substance- free life with as little frustration as possible. At The Kimberly Center, our continuing care program lasts approximately 12 weeks and is available at flexible times to fit your schedule.

Is a Continuing Care Program Right for Me?

If you have completed a residential, intensive outpatient or outpatient treatment program, you are likely a good candidate for our continuing care program. The resources we offer can be helpful to anyone whose phase of highly-structured addiction treatment is ending. The skills and tools you gain through a continuing care program are ones you can use for the rest of your life. While not everyone needs the level of guidance provided by programs like ours, it can never be harmful to maintain a strong connection with your recovery community. A continuing care program helps to bridge the gap between your treatment and the rest of your life, making your last step towards long-term sobriety a much easier one to take.

Contact The Kimberly Center

If you or your loved one is preparing to finish an addiction treatment program and might benefit from continuing care, contact The Kimberly Center to learn more about what we offer. It is our goal to help our clients feel confident and empowered as they start their new, sober lives, and we know that a continuing care program can make this a reality. Call our Fort Myers, Florida facility today at 855-452- 3683 to find out if our continuing care or other programs are available to you.