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Powdered alcohol hit the market in 2007 after being developed by technology students in the Netherlands. Powdered alcohol was actually in existence in the 1970’s, but became more mainstream in the late 2000’s. Powdered alcohol is a powdered substance that when added to a beverage, makes the drink alcoholic. Powdered alcohol may seem convenient, but there are several risks involved with ingesting it.

Some states, like Illinois and many others, have banned the sale of powdered alcohol. Overall, powdered alcohol remains legal in certain parts of the United States but with federal regulations. Powdered alcohol is also available to purchase online, making it accessible to adolescents, despite legal regulations.

Powdered alcohol is concerning because even though there are regulations, the substance is able to purchased through online retailers. Purchasing powdered alcohol online is illegal if the substance has been banned in your home state. Powdered alcohol has the potential for abuse, similarly to liquid alcohol.

Abusing powdered alcohol will cause health concerns, just like liquid alcohol. Powdered alcohol causes damage to the liver, brain, and overall functioning of a person.  You will still develop withdrawal symptoms if you consume powdered alcohol, so it is not a safe alternative to drinking alcohol. If powdered alcohol were to be added to an alcoholic beverage, the risks of health consequences and overdose are increased.

Powdered alcohol is processed by micro-encapsulation. Dextrin is added to liquid alcohol, the substance is then dried and powdered alcohol is created. Powdered alcohol is packaged and marketed as a novelty, making it appealing to youth and adults alike.

The primary concern with powdered alcohol is how it is marketed and subsequently used. There have been reports of powdered alcohol being snorted, smoked, and injected to increase the effects the substance. Often times, the powdered alcohol is misused but taken in combination with liquid alcohol. The risks of overdose and death drastically increase when alcohol is taken in excess and when the substance is consumed using various routes of administration.

Powdered alcohol can be dangerous and cause long-term health complications. Powdered alcohol is marketed as a convenient, novelty way to consume alcohol. Unfortunately, the reality is that powdered alcohol is abused and consumed in addition to liquid alcohol. The combination of powdered and liquid alcohol increases the risks of dependency, overdose, and death.

If you have used or currently struggle with consuming powdered alcohol, please reach out to an addiction specialist today. The Kimberly Center knows how to help. Call us now at 855-4-KCENTER.

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