Things Worth Celebrating in May

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It’s always nice to have something to look forward to. This is why it is a great idea to take the time to celebrate even the smaller holidays and observances each month – and there are lots of things worth celebrating in May!

Some of these may be things that you’ve not heard of or ever celebrated before. This could be the year you start a new tradition with your family or friends. Making the time to celebrate these smaller things can help improve your mental health and boost your mood. It can also help to remind you that there are always things that are worth celebrating if you simply know where to look and take the time to do so.

If you’re on your recovery journey, you know how important it is to continue to look for little joys every day. This is a great way to do just that.

Celebrating in May: Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated on May 5. A lot of people, especially in America, celebrate this holiday without really knowing anything about its history. This holiday is meant to commemorate Mexico’s victory over France in the Franco-Mexican war and it is a very important day to the people of Mexico. Leading up to this day this year, consider further educating yourself about Cinco De Mayo by reading a book or watching a documentary about this historic day.

A lot of cities also have festivals and other events to commemorate this holiday, including live music and traditional Mexican food. This is a great way to show your support and appreciation for those of Hispanic descent.

Celebrating in May: World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day is on May 7. Laughter is so important for our mental well-being and it can even lengthen your lifespan. Laughter is a great way to remind yourself not to take life too seriously. It can also really help improve your relationship with others.

Consider a time when you were in an argument with a loved one over something petty. If you had come to the realization that what you were arguing about was unimportant and just laughed instead, it would have probably diffused the tension dramatically. It might have even ended the argument altogether.

To celebrate World Laughter Day, consider going to a comedy show or watching a funny television show or movie. Try to make it a habit to laugh more in your day-to-day life. You should also try to surround yourself with people who make you laugh.

Celebrating in May: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 13. This is a great day to celebrate your mother or the mother figures you have in your life. You can show your appreciation for her by giving her a gift or card. Or you can give her a gift that she will probably enjoy even more: quality time.

Maybe there have been women in your life that aren’t related to you by blood but have provided you with motherly advice or guidance anyway. This is a great opportunity to reach out to them and tell them what impact they have had on your life.

Celebrating in May: International Family Day

National Family Day is on May 15. Family is so important, even if the family you have is not made up of people related to you by blood. Essentially, family is meant to be the support system you have closest to you. These are the people that you feel at home with when you’re around or who you turn to when you’re struggling and need to be lifted up.

There are a lot of families that are out there that are not traditional. Some families are made up of friends, classmates, or coworkers. Others are made out of church communities, sports teams, and clubs. No matter what your family looks like, consider making the time to celebrate it this year.

Spend quality time with the family you consider family, and make sure to tell them how much they mean to you. Consider also the people who might not have a family – for example, an elderly neighbor whose family members have all passed away or someone who doesn’t have family living nearby. Make the time to reach out to them and show your support, it may make their day.

Celebrating National Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day

This observance is held on May 16. In life, it is easy to get so wrapped up in what’s going on in your own life that you forget about others. National Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day is a perfect opportunity to give back.

Consider who in the community may need help. Maybe you could help a neighbor with lawn work or bring them over a homecooked meal. Or maybe your way of helping your neighbor is donating canned food items at a shelter.

It’s easy to get so busy rushing from one thing to the next that you lose sight of all there is to celebrate in life. Despite the often negative news cycles, there are things worth celebrating every day. You just have to look for them. Taking the time to celebrate even just these smaller or lesser-known observances can improve your mental health. It may even prevent anxiety and depression. If you are struggling with your mental health or struggling with substance use disorder, our team at The Kimberly Center can help. Call us at (855) 452-3683 today. We would be happy to tell you more about the services we provide. 

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