How Do I Stay Sober When My Friends Aren’t?

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What You Should Know About Emotional Sobriety
January 17, 2019
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January 21, 2019

You have been hanging around the same group of friends for a long time. The group goes out frequently and parties. They all seem to be able to handle their liquor and their drugs, but your consequences have gotten too high. You got sober to stop being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Your friends are supportive of your sobriety although they have no intentions of stopping their partying ways because they are not the ones with the problem.

You have come to a crossroads in which you will have to determine what your future holds with friends who may unintentionally jeopardize your sobriety. This decision has become difficult and you are unsure what to do, but here are few things to consider.

You have to put your sobriety first.

Everything that you put in front of your sobriety will eventually be taken away. Drug and alcohol addiction has a way of stripping all of the things that are important to you because your addiction wants to be first. Do the work that is suggested in your recovery and you will be pleased with the results that you receive.

If you love something, set it free.

You know how this saying goes and what it means in this scenario is that if those friends want to be a part of your life, they will understand if you have to take care of yourself before you can hang out with them again. If they get mad or upset that you are not coming around temporarily, they were not your friends in the first place. Nurture relationships that will support your recovery or you may put yourself in a vulnerable position to relapse.

Build a new tribe

Deciding to stop hanging around friends who may jeopardize your sobriety is a wise choice. You may feel all alone in the process of purging the people out of your life who may be a bad influence on you, but you have an excellent opportunity to start anew with people who are there for you and your recovery. Start introducing yourself to people who intrigue you and that you relate to. Get their number and start getting to know them and their recovery by having some conversations that may lead to hanging out and going to coffee. New friends in recovery are essential in learning how to grow relationships.

You were not meant to be alone now that you are sober. In fact, you are meant to share your life with the people who will encourage you and have your back. Now get out there and find those people who will enhance your recovery while keeping you accountable along the way.  

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