How to Advance Your Self Awareness

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June 15, 2021
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June 22, 2021

Self-awareness is the part of being that allows people to keep progressing as human beings. Self-awareness can often equate to self-improvement. Sadly, some mental disorders can block the growth that people want. As a result, this growth blockage and lack of self-awareness can be what makes you hurt other people.

Here you will receive tips on how to advance your self-awareness to enhance your life and personal relationships. You can keep a journal, ask for feedback and meditate to achieve ultimate self-awareness. Once you develop these strong habits, you will begin to see that your self-awareness will rise.

Advancing Through Journaling

In this day and age, journaling is more than just writing down your thoughts in a composition notebook. Journaling is just getting your thoughts out in any way that helps you release thoughts. The act of writing about your day also gives you a chance to reflect on the details of your experience to reevaluate what did right or where you went wrong.

So many people walk around having experiences with others, not realizing how they may be perceived. Journaling gives people the solid opportunity to pay attention to the critical details about their lives. The journal doesn’t have to be long paragraphs either. It can be formed into a list of the literal things that happen throughout the day. This can help organize your thoughts and give you something to look back on in case you want to keep up with your thought and behavioral patterns.

Writing down all of your feelings helps rid your brain of anxiety, frustration, and trauma that has built up over time! It is easy for stress to build up over time. Remember that it is important to find some sort of release. When people are stressed and tense, they tend to fade out and lose touch with who, what, and where they are. Anxiety tends to make people tap into reality. When you begin to document that, you can better identify your triggers. The people in your life will see a difference and appreciate you for the effort.

Habits to Build Self-awareness

So many people spend their time running around in their personal life, and they forget to settle their minds. It can be hard to simply say that you’re going to take better care of yourself. It takes practice and repetition to get the results that you want regarding your mental health. In the morning, take time to sit and just be quiet before your day starts. Take that moment to sit in complete silence, reflect and be in that moment. You can do this anywhere you want, even on the couch, as long as it’s quiet. Try this instead of rushing out of bed and getting to work. This will have you prepared for the rest of your day.

You may hear this time and time again. There’s a constant theme that discusses the importance of eating the right foods to enhance your mental health. Try out fresh foods with different colors, textures, and flavors instead of fast food. Take the time out to make a nutritious meal for yourself. This is better for digestion and ultimately better for your mental health. Although this is very important, what you choose to do while you eat is important as well. Typically people want to either watch tv, scroll on their phone or read while they eat. This can be an entertaining thing, but it can also take away from the actual meal you indulge in.

Focus and Feel

It’s not uncommon for people to measure their worth with production. This leads people to believe that overworking yourself and multitasking is the life that they have to live. When you multitask, you are not giving your tasks the undivided attention that they need. You may also begin to make a lot of mistakes which is counterproductive for the very reason you are working hard.

Focus on one task at a time and take short breaks between each one. Your performance has a higher chance of improving if you mindfully take your time. Taking your time and focusing on your tasks one at a time is part of how you practice being present in the moment. Live in the moment and accept all the feelings that could come with them. Sadness, anger, jealousy, and disappointment  Practice embracing your emotions, and when they come, you will be able to handle them better than you did before.

Self-awareness will not only help you, but it will help you and the people around you. Take the time out in the morning especially to reflect and think about your life experiences. This is what will push you to a level of awareness that will prevent you from blowing up or getting hurt by other people. You can reach a point of pure happiness and awareness of your being. Many people don’t take the time to truly take care of their mental health. If you are someone who has repeatedly slacked on what you need to do to supply yourself with self-awareness, then you may need professional guidance and support. There are plenty of professionals out there, but The Kimberly Center can help you and your loved ones get the exact help you need. Contact us at (855) 452-3683. and we can help you get the treatment that fits you the best.

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