Is There Really Such Thing as a Functional Alcoholic or Addict?

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December 20, 2017
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December 22, 2017
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Is There Really Such Thing as a Functional Alcoholic or Addict?

A lot of people who use drugs and alcohol don’t think they have an addiction. Some people may say that they are a functioning addict or alcoholic because they still work, are present for their family, or have not had any extreme consequences to their substance use. Not everyone who uses alcohol or drugs is an addict, but is there really such thing as a functioning alcoholic or addict?

An addict or alcoholic is defined as someone who experiences withdrawals if they do not have the substance. An addict or alcoholic may need increasing amounts of the substance to achieve the same results. Even if you do not meet these criteria, your alcohol and drug use may be problematic.

One of the sayings in 12 step meetings is that there are “yets.” What this means is that just because you have not gotten a DUI, lost your spouse, or lost your job does not mean that it is not won’t happen. These consequences have not happened “yet.”

If you stumbled across this article because you are questioning your drinking or drug use, chances are that you are not really functioning. Yes, you may be able to go to work and family functions, but are you completely invested in it? Here are some questions you can ask yourself if you are wondering if you are a functioning addict:

  1. How often do you think about alcohol or drugs?
  2. Have your family or friends ever mentioned that you drink or use too frequently?
  3. Do you ever wake up with regrets after a night of drug or alcohol use?
  4. Do you spend more money than you intended on drugs or alcohol?
  5. Do you get irritable if you don’t have an after work drink?

A person with an alcohol or drug problem is not always homeless and alone. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your alcohol and drug use may be at a level where you are not really living up to your full potential.

Can you imagine not having regrets, not waking up sick, and being the best you that you can be! Alcohol and drug use does not mean you are weak or defective. Recovery, however, is an amazing experience.

If you are wondering about manageable addiction, we want to help you find an answer.Take a chance on yourself and call The Kimberly Center now at 855-4-KCENTER.

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