Does Using Marijuana Every Day Mean I’m Addicted?

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Does Using Marijuana Every Day Mean I’m Addicted?

In recent years, marijuana has slowly earned a reputation of being a relatively “safe” drug, with many states making recreational use legal. But is using marijuana every day actually okay for your overall health? Most studies are pointing towards no.

Many people don’t view marijuana as a highly addictive drug. While it might not be addictive for the majority of people, this doesn’t mean that addiction can’t occur. Marijuana addiction can sneak up upon some people and affect them without them even realizing it. Before long, they may feel as if they are unable to stop engaging in marijuana use.

It’s important to be able to recognize the signs of marijuana addiction.

How Can Addiction Occur When Using Marijuana Every Day?

Just like with any other potentially addictive substance, you build up a tolerance to marijuana over time. Consider the first time you ever used marijuana. Because you did not yet have a tolerance for it, just a small amount may have affected you very strongly. It may have taken an extended period of time for the effects to wear off.

However, when you continue to use marijuana frequently over a long period of time, your tolerance can rapidly increase. You may find that you need to use more and more to experience the same effects that you’re used to. This is how addiction can sneak up on a person.

Can I Still Be Addicted Even if I Don’t Use Marijuana Every Day?

Just because you don’t use marijuana every day doesn’t mean that you’re not addicted to it. Similarly, just because someone doesn’t drink alcohol every day doesn’t mean that they aren’t addicted to it. If you think you might be struggling with marijuana addiction, it is important to consider the following questions. It is best to answer them as honestly as possible:

  • Have you tried to cut back on engaging in marijuana use or quit altogether but struggled or failed?
  • Do you hide from others how often you use marijuana or how much you use?
  • Has your marijuana use led to you getting in any legal trouble?
  • Do you spend a significant amount of time obtaining and using (and recovering from using) marijuana?
  • Have you continued to use marijuana despite it causing arguments or tension in your relationships?
  • Do you turn to marijuana use to cope with stress, sadness, or other negative emotions?
  • Has your marijuana use caused you financial trouble?
  • Do you feel as if your marijuana use has impacted your performance at work or school?
  • Does your marijuana use keep you from spending quality time with friends or family?
  • Have you ever said or done things while using marijuana that you wouldn’t have if you had been sober?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be struggling with an addiction to marijuana. Know that our team at The Kimberly Center is here to help you make a positive difference in your life.

What Are Some of the Effects of Marijuana Addiction?

Marijuana addiction can lead to some unpleasant side effects. Some of these side effects can be long-term, while others may go away after discontinuing marijuana use. The following are just a few effects you may experience:

  • Trouble concentrating
  • Poor mental clarity
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Problems with brain development (especially in teens and young adults)
  • Poor memory
  • Problems with heart or circulatory function
  • Birth defects (for those whose mother engaged in marijuana use while pregnant with them)

Marijuana addiction can affect each person differently. The way you experience it could be different from the next person.

How Do I Stop Using Marijuana Every Day?

Maybe you want to stop using marijuana every day or even quit entirely. If this is your case, but you believe that you’re struggling with addiction, it is best to seek out professional help. This is not something that you have to do alone, and there are many resources available that can help make this process as easy as possible.

The first thing you should do is speak with your primary care provider. They can provide you with a diagnosis and help you determine what type of treatment is right for you.

At The Kimberly Center, we help those struggling with marijuana addiction and other types of addiction to start living a sober lifestyle. We offer both inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment, as well as sober living. Which treatment option is right for you is dependent upon your needs and unique situation.

With our inpatient program, you will be staying at our facility for the duration of treatment. But with our outpatient treatment program, you will continue to live at home and stick to your regular schedule while coming in for treatment regularly. If you think you may be struggling with this, our team at The Kimberly Center can help.

Marijuana addiction can keep you from being fully present in your daily life. It can worsen existing mental health problems and cause others to form. No matter how many people try to tell you that marijuana is not addictive, it is important to realize that addiction is possible. If you’ve been living with marijuana addiction and are ready to make a change, our team at The Kimberly Center is here to help you. We will support you as you take the next steps to live a new sober life. Don’t wait; give us a call at (855) 452-3683 today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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