Do I Need Tough Love to Stay Sober?

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Do I Need Tough Love to Stay Sober?

Tough love is one of those ideals that means different things to different people. Using tough love can be in the form of punishment to let someone who has a problem with drugs and alcohol know their behavior will no longer be accepted. During an intervention, loved ones may express what their bottom lines are going forward which will include taking away any currency that will make it convenient to buy or use drugs and alcohol. Many times, this tough love also comes with a loving nudge to seek treatment in a rehabilitation center for addiction.

Those who do not go to rehab may find themselves in meetings of 12-Step programs whereas a newcomer they may find old-timers telling them to, “Sit down, shut up, and listen.” For some this can be the beginning of their plight to go to any lengths to stay sober and for others this can be resentment in the making because they are looking for tolerance and love after being emotionally beat down due to their substance abuse. The question that needs to be answered is whether tough love needs to be part of the equation in sobriety?

Really there is no black and white answer to that question because recovery is a melting pot of black sheep trying to find their way into their flock. The diversity of everyone who wants to recover also creates a myriad of approaches that each person desires. The approach of tough love is used at times for a person who needs to have their consequences laid out for them which are clear and direct. If they start making better decisions, in sobriety they are more likely to hold onto the things they treasure rather than continue to have them taken away from them during their substance abuse. This can include losing people, material items such as cars, phones, their freedom in jail, a place to live, or even their dignity in order to learn how to make a quality resolution in sobriety.

The point of tough love is to guide a person into their sobriety by hitting a particular bottom that lets the person know that they can no longer get away with what they were doing before. Choosing to use tough love is not a guarantee that a person will maintain sobriety. Tough love simply means that a stance has been taken to selflessly set a boundary that hopefully they will understand and want to make it right by staying sober.  

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