What Group Therapy in Treatment Does for Recovery

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What Group Therapy in Treatment Does for Recovery

Going to a rehabilitation center means that you will most likely be attending group therapy. This element of rehab may incite fear like nothing else because you know you will be called on to speak in front of others pertaining to the things which causes you to feel the most humiliation. The whys and how of your addiction that probably haunt you is what your therapists and peers will want to know specifically about you in a group setting.

What you need to know is that group therapy is not quite as awful as you many envision it. In fact, group therapy can get you to open up in ways that being in individualized therapy or working the 12 steps may not work as easily in early sobriety. Group therapy has many benefits which intensifies your recovery process to help you achieve long-term sobriety.  

You will stop hiding.

Addiction has a way of keeping you isolated and keeping you away from loved ones so they will not realize how bad your drinking and addiction has progressed. Whether you hide your drugs and alcohol, your feelings, or your truth, when you are under the influence you are really hiding from yourself and the person you were meant to be.

You will learn how to be honest.

The whole saying “it takes one to know one” is real in group therapy. No one really wants to be in rehab although most people understand that what they put into their recovery is what they will get out of the process. They are not going to let you or others in the group get away with dishonesty at the expense of their own sobriety so they will call you out to help you become better at telling the truth.

You will discover what real relationships entail.

Being able to relate to others will connect you but being able to sustain a relationship takes some work on your part. Group therapy helps you to learn how to stop hiding, be honest, and set healthy boundaries. With these life skills you will be better versed in letting go of resentments and allow for breakthroughs to happen in your recovery with the people that you are in close quarters with in rehab. In doing so, you will be better prepared for when you are out of treatment and back with your loved ones.

Group therapy is an instrumental tool that treatment centers use to break the ice to improve the quality of recovery that their clients receive. Having constructive and facilitated group sessions may be the very thing that relieves the shame and guilt to ease your burdens.

The Kimberly Center offers a variety of recovery programs to cover your every need during our extensive treatment for drugs and alcohol. We offer a unique recovery experience while providing a safe place to practice the principles of recovery that you will need in the real world.

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